Green Straw Culture – (Monterey, CA)

My mind is blown.  Having unsuccessfully looked for a local cafe (which appears to no longer exist), Chris and I stepped into the neighboring Starbucks for some quiet time of blogging and journaling.  It took us two hours of sitting quietly, sipping our respective caffeinated beverages among countless other customers sitting with their computers, smartphone, … Continue reading

Squeeky Cheese – (Tillamook, OR)

The Tillamook Cheese factory was incredible! Firstly, we LOVE cheese. Coupled with some fruit/veggies and a baguette, it is the perfect road-tripping food – cheap, easy, healthy, and filling! Secondly, factories are so fascinating! As we watched from the glass viewing area raised above the main factory, I was enthralled by the perfectly engineered machinery, … Continue reading

Beluga, Seal, Walrus, and Other Things I ate Yesterday

I flew in from Boston at 11:30pm Alaska Time; I was four hours behind the east coast and felt instantly jet-lagged and an almost immediate sense of culture shock in returning to a region that was cooler yet sunnier, ‘developed’ yet wild, welcoming yet foreign. Now a ‘Master’ of Sustainable Development, my first task, (after … Continue reading

Bears, Banff, and a Zucchini Tower (British Columbia – PART 1)

I have just gone from a person who once thought they saw a moose cross the road, at night, far away, in a snow storm to… someone who definitely just saw a moose cross the road, far away, at dusk, in the fall. Awesome. We are in British Columbia, just north of Smithers.  Yesterday we … Continue reading

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