Green Living, Circa A.D. 550 – (Mesa Verde National Park)

Heading east from Paria Canyon we traveled through the Navajo Nation. This beautiful high dessert region of the United States has been home to people for millennia, and it’s easy to see why. Painted landscapes, towering plateaus, burning sunsets, and monoliths of ancient stone; the ‘four corners’ region is wide and sparsely populated. Rising higher in … Continue reading

A Lesson in Dualities

A 3 hours bus trip immediately followed by a 10 hours bus trip found Natalie and I walking the newly darkened streets of Cajamarca, “the Cusco of the North.” Slipping into Hotel Pardo, a Lonely Planet pick, we ignored much of the dusty surroundings and headed out for a bite to eat. And Eat we … Continue reading

VIDEO: Ancient civilization formed by scholars

The Ruins of the Chavín culture, located in the town of Chavín de Huántar, a three hour bus ride over the mountains to the east of Huaraz. This culture existed beginning around 1000 bCE, with their most successful time ranging from 800-400 bCE. The culture ended around 200 CE. They were known for their ability … Continue reading

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