Shannon County is located in southwestern South Dakota and is the only county completely contained within the Pine Ridge Reservation for the Oglala Sioux. Natalie and I moved to the small town of Kyle in the north east of the reservation this July where Natalie will work as a 1st grade teacher in the Little … Continue reading

Profile: John Muir (The West Coast)

  “Any fool can destroy trees.  They (the trees) cannot run away; and if they could, they would still be destroyed – chased and hunted down as long as fun or a dollar could be got out of their hides.”  – John Muir   I took an ecology class in school, and so I’d heard … Continue reading

End of the semester

My classes are coming to an end. I have two finals left to take, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and I am basically spending all weekend doing nothing but studying!! I don´t mind though… I used the same approach for my midterms and ended up with A´s on both! WOOHOO!! Overall, classes were … Continue reading

…and UDEP is NOT UNH

The Universidad DE Piura (UDEP) was begun in 1969 by a member of the Opus Dei (which obviously accounts for its “holiness” in classes). Don´t take alarm at how young the university may seem, most of the universities in Peru were started around the same time, many even in the last 10 years. Perú is … Continue reading

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