VIDEO: 5,100 Miles in 9 Minutes

An account of our road trip to Alaska…. …There were bears, mountains, camping, encounters with wolves, close calls, and calls that seemed to echo forever.  We traveled through a great wilderness and observed humanity’s impacts on it.  A wonderful road trip; inspired and inspiring.  As always, I look forward to our next adventure. Advertisements

Art(?) for the Masses

Murals have been captivating me for a while now. A gift of art to the public. And not just any art; BIG art. Some may enjoy it. Some may not. It seems there are varying purposes for murals: for beauty, for education, for activism (political or social), as advertisement (although I would like to say … Continue reading

“Mooo…ssss” (British Columbia, Part 2)

MOOSE. Back on highway 37, Natalie is giving me a saltine cracker topped with congealed jumbalaya from yesterday.  It was far more delicious than its physical truth details.  …A moose, and baby run, or rather trot out of the bushes right at the car.  – I can’t remember if it had antlers… Natalie and I … Continue reading

Bears, Banff, and a Zucchini Tower (British Columbia – PART 1)

I have just gone from a person who once thought they saw a moose cross the road, at night, far away, in a snow storm to… someone who definitely just saw a moose cross the road, far away, at dusk, in the fall. Awesome. We are in British Columbia, just north of Smithers.  Yesterday we … Continue reading

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