VIDEO: Adventure Day on Cape Cod

Back in February, Natalie and I set out from her hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts on an ‘Adventure Day.’ Adventure Days can be best understood as a day with generalized plan, but little or no direction, time constraints, or expectations. Adventure days are governed by non-governance; by chance; by happenstance.  We blow with the wind, drive with the sun, … Continue reading

The Ascent of Half Dome

After having our fill (almost) of wacky, free and fun San Francisco, we set off in search of giants. Both Giant Sequoia and tall peaks. Entering Yosemite National Park is a welcoming canyon framed by towering granite cliffs. A cool, high altitude calmness is present. That is, until you meet the crowds. Despite being the … Continue reading

The Groove (On the Road Again)

We spent almost a week living at my aunt’s house (with our own bedroom and bathroom – what luxury!) and a full week in SF (with a comfy couch and uber-welcoming “roommates”).  However, after such a long jaunt of comfort, we were more than ready to be back out in our car, with no one … Continue reading

Where We Are, in 30 Seconds!- (Glacier National Park)

We spent 4 days in Glacier National Park in Montana, hiking a total of 35 miles. The park was absolutely incredible, full of pristine glacial lakes, rivers and waterfalls and a plethora of flora and fauna including a grizzly bear (slightly too near our campsite for our comfort — luckily a National Park employee was … Continue reading

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