Shannon County is located in southwestern South Dakota and is the only county completely contained within the Pine Ridge Reservation for the Oglala Sioux. Natalie and I moved to the small town of Kyle in the north east of the reservation this July where Natalie will work as a 1st grade teacher in the Little … Continue reading

Lest We Forget, America: The Mormons

Joseph Smith, Jr. was born in the great, progressive State of Vermont in 1805. Raised by a poor farming family with strong enthusiasm for the ‘Second Great Awakening’: A spiritual movement of the 1800’s centered around the belief that everyone could be saved through religious revivals, which lead to a number of new Christian denominations with the … Continue reading

The Old Man and the Kite

We woke up warm, breathing humid air. Our legs sitting crookedly in the trunk; our heads and torsos resting on the backs of the folded-down rear seats. I squirmed in my bag as I returned to consciousness after an extra warm sleep in my Volkswagen. Bald Eagles abound on the coast of the Kenai Peninsula, an appropriate … Continue reading

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