Sometimes you want to go. where everybody knows your name (Costa Rica)

“Nataliaaaaa! ¬†Nataliaaaa!” Upon walking down the main street of Tonjibe, I was more than overjoyed to see that none of my friends had forgotten me in the year I was gone. After having spent all of last summer living in Tonjibe, I knew I could not let a year pass by without returning to see … Continue reading

Radical Traveling – From sweating to freezing in less than two weeks

So, Costa Rica is over. It passed by in a blur, with almost 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week for 8 weeks straight of work. But work was enjoyable enough, and when work wasn’t that enjoyable, I at least had the pleasure of knowing that I was living in an amazing community. I … Continue reading

Costa Rica – Weeks 1-2

I arrived to Costa Rica on May 30, safely and with no problems other than being seated next to some high school students from Alabama doing missionary work who thought that Costa Rica was an island. Hopefully, they’ll learn a lot while they’re here. My first week here was quite a whirlwind, lots of training, … Continue reading

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