Life in the Woods to Life in the Car…

Just a quick post to start off a new section. After couch surfing, sleeping in my car, and camping in the woods for over a month I have secured a position in Alaska working with the Institute of the North  ( – more info later)  Natalie has come back north and after only a short … Continue reading

I’ve Left

I left. I’m not sure if it is for good, but probably. While the farm provided a simplicity and calm, not unmeditative, not untranquil, It left me in the bitter and unfortunate situation of having zero time/energy/motivation to complete my academic commitments. Namely, finishing my master’s program by getting a practicum this fall. I find … Continue reading

Crocs make Dirty Feet

I wear Crocs everyday.  Everyday.If you don’t know what crocs are, then you probably don’t watch TV, have friends, or leave the house.If you have never worn crocs before, then you might be like me.  …until a few weeks back now.In short, it’s like being barefoot but with perfectly foot sized mini pillows with perfect … Continue reading

A Simple Evening

It was cooler last night.  After work I made dinner for the first time.  You see we all make dinner, supposedly, once a week for all the other people living in the house.  (Livy, Mary, Phil, Richard, and I).  I passed my first week because it was a short one, and I was new.  This … Continue reading

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