Blue Hills Reservation: Boston’s Backwoods

The bustling, twisting, paved streets of Boston that wind between tall buildings and through interconnecting suburbs and cities make it hard to believe that there could be any sort of wilderness area left in the region. Having experienced the vast nothingness, yet profoundly somethingness of the Alaskan frontier, the Great Plains, the California Coast, the deserts of … Continue reading

Where We Are in 30 Seconds! – (The Wave)

A rare opportunity to see one of the most beautiful formations the Nature has created…. Watch on YouTube for HD! …”The Wave” as it has come to be known has been featured in numerous  brochures, magazines, and even in a Pink Floyd album. Somewhere near the Arizona-Utah border, it sits in quiet majesty awaiting it’s … Continue reading

The Ascent of Half Dome

After having our fill (almost) of wacky, free and fun San Francisco, we set off in search of giants. Both Giant Sequoia and tall peaks. Entering Yosemite National Park is a welcoming canyon framed by towering granite cliffs. A cool, high altitude calmness is present. That is, until you meet the crowds. Despite being the … Continue reading

Washington State: All Things Considered

Crossing the border into Washington State we had high hopes for the first National Park on our trip: Olympic. The park encompasses more than 900,000 acres in the north-west of the state in a thin (and globally rare) strip of temperate rain forest. A product of the Roosevelt’s — Theodore established Mount Olympus National Monument in 1909 … Continue reading

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