A Photo Album to Remind Me

It’s interesting how this trip has become as much an exploration of family as it has been an exploration of the country.  I suppose, considering that both of our families are widely dispersed throughout, this should come as no shock; however, I find myself pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to connect with so many loved … Continue reading

Stamp your feet little ones!!

Kids get so much here. It reminds me of…. well, nothing. It is completely new. The plaza is frequented by cotton candy peddlers, bouncy ball sellers, and a man in a Barney suit hawking Barney-on-a-sticks, which pedal a unicycle when you push them along the ground. (I hope I can manage a photo of these … Continue reading

Games and connections

Chris has just played a game with Max and Areli for about an hour. A game that involves their porch, their bodies, a hammock (and frequently my unparticpating body and hammock), and a broken zipper, jus the part that you pull on. It began with the zipper stuck up through the floor boards and cracks … Continue reading

The Shipibo

The longer I am here the less I want children. Max (age 6) is utterly the most annoying little boy I have ever met. His unstoppable 12 or more energy spree is undoubtedly fueld by his enourmous appetite. I have many times watched him consume an entire bowl of rice, sometimes 2, a fried plantain, … Continue reading

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