A New Thought

Maybe an approach to the Shipibo-Western culture clash ought not culminate with the repremanding of the more technologically developed culture for leadking their ideology like a contagious disease to remote and different areas of the world, which either are not ready for such a jump or have developed their own way, which they are comfortabel … Continue reading

Felix´s poems inspired me

Felix is alternating between reading the Bible, singing its verses,and reciting Castillian poetry in a very dignified tone.How Peruvian of him. And on the 25th, in preparing for the Día de Patria, marking 187 years of Peru´s independence,every Shipibo home in the town of Dinamarca must display the pabellón.How Peruvian of them. Hang the flag, … Continue reading

Continuing the Debate

It continually occurs to me that I am in an advantageous position while traveling abroad, and specifically in places of significant cultural diversity such as Dinamarca. The longer we are here the more differences and similiarities there are between United Statian culture or what is often refered to as “western” culture (although I am quite … Continue reading

Questions for the Asking

After a long conversation last night, Chris and I decided that we need to redefine the parameters for which we are here. Yes, we did come under the pretenses of teaching English. We heard that Bernardo was always looking for people to teach, and although I have never been enthusiastic about spreading English, I thought … Continue reading

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