A Photo Album to Remind Me

It’s interesting how this trip has become as much an exploration of family as it has been an exploration of the country.  I suppose, considering that both of our families are widely dispersed throughout, this should come as no shock; however, I find myself pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to connect with so many loved … Continue reading

Blue Lake? Majestic Lake? Crater Lake!

Crater Lake is a ‘caldera’, or volcanic crater, located in southern Oregon. It is the remnants of Mount Mt. Mazama, a 12,000 ft mountain in the Cascade range that collapsed after a massive eruption more than 7,000 years ago. Since then the volcanic crater has filled in with water, creating a clear blue lake more than 2,000 feet deep … Continue reading

Profile: Bertha García

Upon meeting Bertha that first day in Pucallpa in the lounge of the upscale, slightly classy, Hostal Arequipa, I worried for our three week stay at her house. A solid woman, she stood before us in traditional dress, her square face without the trace of a smile. And she didn´t speak a word to either … Continue reading

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