Shannon County is located in southwestern South Dakota and is the only county completely contained within the Pine Ridge Reservation for the Oglala Sioux. Natalie and I moved to the small town of Kyle in the north east of the reservation this July where Natalie will work as a 1st grade teacher in the Little … Continue reading

Goodbye Anchorage

At 6pm, we were finally en route headed out of the city. A desired departure time of 10am, we should have known it would take longer to leave our home of 11 months even though we had been organizing, packing and shipping boxes for the l ast two weeks. I do have a new love … Continue reading

Viajes a Perú

Hola, como estás?! I am sitting in the airport in Lima. I have just awaken from a wonderful nap on a plether bench. Sleep was infrequent and spotty on the planes but Natali managed to get a few hours in, and so here we are sleepy but excited, still virgin to peruvian air. Natali got … Continue reading

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