In A City Without Seasons

The One Am Radio, a favorite band of mine recently released their new album, ‘Heaven is Attached by a Slender Thread.’ One of the tracks has particularly ‘hit home’ as they say, with its considerations of the passage of time. Likely meant to illustrate the unchanging weather of Los Angeles, Hrishikesh Hirway, the frontman, sings “it’s hard to measure time in a city without seasons… in a city you don’t believe in.” However, I have found it increasingly poignant as a description of the last 7 or so months in this peculiar city of Anchorage.


An introduction to music

Along with all the people and artesanía that awaited us in one of the huts that makes up the abuela´s house, there was also a table in the corner with an assortment of flutes and drums (and an old two liter soda bottle full of opaque red-brown ayahuasca brewing–Bertha´s father is a curandero aka shaman). … Continue reading

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