Where We Are in 30 Seconds! – (Girdwood, Alaska)

After coming up to Anchorage for a week of intense work with the Alaska Humanities Forum, we decided to take advantage of our time in Alaska and take a week to visit with friends, drive up to our favorite little town (Talkeetna) and Cross Country Ski every day, as much as our bodies can handle. … Continue reading

Where We Are in 30 Seconds! – (Shenandoah National Park)

The drive up the east coast was fast-paced. We drove through familiar cities, saw familiar faces, and drove on familiar interstate highways. Nostalgia washed over us as we drove through the rolling Appalachian Mountains, in and through Asheville, and up into Virginia toward Natalie’s old stomping ground of Harrisonburg. Calling these hills mountains seemed like a joke … Continue reading

Where We Are in 30 Seconds! – (The Wave)

A rare opportunity to see one of the most beautiful formations the Nature has created…. Watch on YouTube for HD! …”The Wave” as it has come to be known has been featured in numerous  brochures, magazines, and even in a Pink Floyd album. Somewhere near the Arizona-Utah border, it sits in quiet majesty awaiting it’s … Continue reading

Where We Are in 30 Seconds! – (Big Sur, CA)

The northern coast of California was vast and unpopulated compared to the Bay area. However, south of San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Monterey lies a similar but shorter stretch of sparsely populated California-Hwy 1, complete with craggy cliffs, high surf, and rolling hills. This is BIG SUR.  It’s an easier drive compared to the unrelenting hairpin curves of … Continue reading

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