End of the semester

My classes are coming to an end. I have two finals left to take, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and I am basically spending all weekend doing nothing but studying!! I don´t mind though… I used the same approach for my midterms and ended up with A´s on both! WOOHOO!! Overall, classes were … Continue reading

Proyecto Ecológico del Río Piura

I haven’t written a blog in a while but I have recently (today) … (30 minutes ago) … got some great news… After living in Piura for a month or so, Natali and I began to put some hard thought into what we should spend our time doing while living in such a different and … Continue reading

Halloween in Piura

Surprisngly enough, Halloween is celebrated in Peru. I hadn´t been expecting it, but about a week before hand, decorations went up. The grocery store even turned an entire (small) room into a (sort-of) haunted house. There were black lights and strobe lights, paper on the walls to make it look like a cave, and then … Continue reading

Oh no she di´n´t

We just witnessed a fight in the plaza as we walked out of the Municipality building after another unsuccessful attempt at meeting with the mayor to propose our River Clean Up project. Walking through the plaza we noticed lots of commotion and women running through the grassy area that is fenced in and usually off … Continue reading

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