Shannon County is located in southwestern South Dakota and is the only county completely contained within the Pine Ridge Reservation for the Oglala Sioux. Natalie and I moved to the small town of Kyle in the north east of the reservation this July where Natalie will work as a 1st grade teacher in the Little … Continue reading

VIDEO: Adventure Day on Cape Cod

Back in February, Natalie and I set out from her hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts on an ‘Adventure Day.’ Adventure Days can be best understood as a day with generalized plan, but little or no direction, time constraints, or expectations. Adventure days are governed by non-governance; by chance; by happenstance.  We blow with the wind, drive with the sun, … Continue reading

VIDEO: Our Apartment

Our apartment is a modest little place. Kitchen table, two beds, a bathroom… But no kitchen. Our apartment actually seems like it used to be a garage next to our landlady´s house that has been separated by a thin cardboard-like wall, and updated with nice paint. So now learning to live in Perú has also … Continue reading

Goodbye Dinamarca

Last night, as we looked out over the jungle horizon into the sunset, the sky a more muted orange than normal, I almost cried. An emotion brought on from knowing that we were leaving in the morning, from thinking I may never ssee this beauty again (for it certainly was the beauty and awe I … Continue reading

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