Shannon County is located in southwestern South Dakota and is the only county completely contained within the Pine Ridge Reservation for the Oglala Sioux. Natalie and I moved to the small town of Kyle in the north east of the reservation this July where Natalie will work as a 1st grade teacher in the Little … Continue reading

So, We Went to Occupy San Diego…

…and at first it was exciting. As we rounded the corner heading toward the downtown park, we could hear the light rumble of protesting voices, maybe a drum or two, and a few whistles and hoots. With camera in hand we entered the park, just beginning to bustle with the young and old; the professing; … Continue reading

News from South America

Living down here, I feel more interested in and aware of the happenings in Perú and in the surrounding countries. Especially because it seems as though so many exciting things are happening! I love reading articles online (and actually having time to do it!)… and even better are all the vendors set up along the … Continue reading

Profile: Bernardo Cauper (Jefe)

Jefe, pronounced hef-A, meaning boss or leader in spanish, Bernardo is sometimes called by this name when other community members need guidance or help. He is very active. Making announcments, “hola, hola, hola” he soundchecks before each declaration over the communities loudspeaker. He frequents Pucallpa, picking up visitors, arranging repairs on the community lancha boats, … Continue reading

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