News from South America

Living down here, I feel more interested in and aware of the happenings in Perú and in the surrounding countries. Especially because it seems as though so many exciting things are happening!

I love reading articles online (and actually having time to do it!)… and even better are all the vendors set up along the streets who display all the major newspapers each day. Hanging them to their posts with clothes pins, a colorful flag of headlines waves to us in the breeze. We often stop a moment to read the front pages, catching up on Piura news in La Hora y El Tiempo and getting the scoop on Perú and the world in La República.

I thought I´d posts some links to interesting articles I´ve come across online, catching you up if you haven´t had the time to read the Latin American news section lately 🙂 Enjoy!

Peru appoints a new Prime Minister
after the entire(!) Cabinet steps down due to government involvement in an oil scandal.

More info on the oil contract scandal

Peruvian tribes in the Amazon region end their protests.
The protests aimed at forcing Congress to repeal laws created by the present-day president that would give the indigenous community less power over their land and what is done with it.

Referendum to Bolivia´s Constitution. President Evo Morales, the first indigenous leader of Boliva, proposed a referendum to the Constitution which would give indigenous people more rights in regards to land ownership. The proposal was met with a lot of problems, mostly stemming from the fact that the majority of land that would be given to indigenous peoples is also land rich in resources. People even went so far in their protests as to shut off the natural gas supply to Argentina and Brasil for a day and people have been killed.

More info on the situation in Bolivia.
Also adds another side to the story, that of Bolivians of European descent who live in the more rural regions.

Also, I recently read in a newspaper that there have been marches throughout Bolivia in support of Morales´ referendum, lasting for weeks and with as many as 800,000 participants!

Cocaine in Colombia. Although I have not been following much of current events in Colombia, it is eye-opening to learn that so many people are suffering because of drug-production…even if the exact numbers are argued.

So.. here is at least some news of what´s going on own here. Some good (like a president fighting for equal rights), some bad (like cocaine in Colombia), and some just incredibly interesting (Garcia´s whole cabinet resigning…Can you imagine if people in charge in the US resigned over oil scandals?!)

If anything else noteworthy comes to my attention, I´ll keep you posted!! 🙂


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