Developing the Desert – (Part 1: The Southwest)

East of the Sierra Nevadas, heading east, we turned on the A/C for the first time in a long, long time. We’re more of the ‘windows down, feel the breeze’-type of people. As we ventured east from San Diego the scenery became more dry, brittle, and rocky. The road stretched on and on, floating above … Continue reading

An Ode to San Francisco

San Francisco, I had no expectations, knew little of the city or the people we would meet with, but Everything came together just fine.   And now I’m left replaying events in my head in that way that can be done only when trying to conjure up memories of a lover so as to relive … Continue reading

Astoria, OR: The Coolest Town We Never Expected to Meet

It just so happened that our exploration of the Oregon coast left us camping a few miles south of Astoria, and so, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we began our day with a jaunt through the town.  Not expecting much, we were pleasantly surprised again (and again and again), as our day unfolded almost magically. First stop, … Continue reading

A British Colombian Utopia / Dystopia

British Columbia was our favorite on the way out to Alaska last year. Driving through the tall stands of evergreen on the Stewart Cassir Highway allowed extra time for contemplation backdropped by the low hum of the tires on the rough road and the well paired vibrations of Sigur Rós. It was an epilogue to … Continue reading

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