Where We Are in 30 Seconds! – (Girdwood, Alaska)

After coming up to Anchorage for a week of intense work with the Alaska Humanities Forum, we decided to take advantage of our time in Alaska and take a week to visit with friends, drive up to our favorite little town (Talkeetna) and Cross Country Ski every day, as much as our bodies can handle. … Continue reading

Wild beauty everywhere

Alaskan wildflowers have captured my heart.  Everywhere I look, there is color and life.  A welcome change from the stark, cold days of winter.  This contrast, and the fact that the world seemed overflowing with flowers almost overnight, inspires me. From the streets of Anchorage, to the mountains of Denali National Park, to the seaside … Continue reading

A Community Endeavor, Part 2

Our across-the-street neighbors are making the world a better place, one coffee at a time. Every morning, rain or shine, weekday or weekend, there is fresh coffee available, free of charge to anyone who happens to walk down our street. And I don’t just mean there is a pot of coffee sitting on their front … Continue reading

The Old Man and the Kite

We woke up warm, breathing humid air. Our legs sitting crookedly in the trunk; our heads and torsos resting on the backs of the folded-down rear seats. I squirmed in my bag as I returned to consciousness after an extra warm sleep in my Volkswagen. Bald Eagles abound on the coast of the Kenai Peninsula, an appropriate … Continue reading

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