Green Living, Circa A.D. 550 – (Mesa Verde National Park)

Heading east from Paria Canyon we traveled through the Navajo Nation. This beautiful high dessert region of the United States has been home to people for millennia, and it’s easy to see why. Painted landscapes, towering plateaus, burning sunsets, and monoliths of ancient stone; the ‘four corners’ region is wide and sparsely populated. Rising higher in … Continue reading

Developing the Desert – (Part 2: Arcology)

In the last post I raised the ‘question of development’ in wondering what would happen if we stopped pushing against nature so much and started developing with it. Many people, groups of people, organizations, and businesses have surely raised this question before, but few, perhaps, as eloquently, or with as much intention, as Paulo Soleri. … Continue reading

Growing Apples in the Desert – (Washington State)

Leaving the coast and temperate rain forest behind, we head east.  To our surprise we are confronted by semi-arid desert, heat, heat, and more heat, a petrified Gingko forest, sage brush, and no shade in sight. Continuing a bit farther east, even more to our surprise, we suddenly enter into extensive farmland.  How could it … Continue reading

In A City Without Seasons

The One Am Radio, a favorite band of mine recently released their new album, ‘Heaven is Attached by a Slender Thread.’ One of the tracks has particularly ‘hit home’ as they say, with its considerations of the passage of time. Likely meant to illustrate the unchanging weather of Los Angeles, Hrishikesh Hirway, the frontman, sings “it’s hard to measure time in a city without seasons… in a city you don’t believe in.” However, I have found it increasingly poignant as a description of the last 7 or so months in this peculiar city of Anchorage.

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