Masks and Music – (New Orleans, LA)

Entering New Orleans reminded us yet again that this country still has a ways to go; that there is room for improvement in infrastructure, planning, and social welfare. Boarded-up houses, over-run yards, and flood damage are still easily visible driving in, around and out of the city, and the quality of neighborhoods change rapidly as … Continue reading

Developing the Desert – (Part 2: Arcology)

In the last post I raised the ‘question of development’ in wondering what would happen if we stopped pushing against nature so much and started developing with it. Many people, groups of people, organizations, and businesses have surely raised this question before, but few, perhaps, as eloquently, or with as much intention, as Paulo Soleri. … Continue reading

So, We Went to Occupy San Diego…

…and at first it was exciting. As we rounded the corner heading toward the downtown park, we could hear the light rumble of protesting voices, maybe a drum or two, and a few whistles and hoots. With camera in hand we entered the park, just beginning to bustle with the young and old; the professing; … Continue reading

Dream of Californication – (Los Angeles, CA)

LA was not my cup of tea.  Granted our first stop was Hollywood Boulevard, home to the iconic Walk of Fame, Chinese theatre, and every single tourist trap imaginable.  Although it was certainly interesting to read the names on the hundreds stars we passed on the sidewalk (an ode to the greats of film, television, … Continue reading

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