VIDEO: Adventure Day on Cape Cod

Back in February, Natalie and I set out from her hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts on an ‘Adventure Day.’ Adventure Days can be best understood as a day with generalized plan, but little or no direction, time constraints, or expectations. Adventure days are governed by non-governance; by chance; by happenstance.  We blow with the wind, drive with the sun, … Continue reading

Developing the Desert – (Part 1: The Southwest)

East of the Sierra Nevadas, heading east, we turned on the A/C for the first time in a long, long time. We’re more of the ‘windows down, feel the breeze’-type of people. As we ventured east from San Diego the scenery became more dry, brittle, and rocky. The road stretched on and on, floating above … Continue reading

Infinitude in Manitoba

It’s 9:15 and I’m torn between taking in the last bits of what has turned out to be the longest and most stunning sunset of my life and jotting down the thoughts and vocabulary inspired by it’s immensity. The plains of western Manitoba were cool in temperature and hot with sun.  Partly cloudy. Flat… Flat…… … Continue reading

The Chirimoya

As I sit at our Kitchen table, in our apartment with no kitchen, I stare longingly into a green fleshy fruit in front of me. It is a Chirimoya, native to somewhere near here. Perhaps it exits in a similar way to the Florida orange, which I enjoy in Connecticut. “Of here,” but not exactly. … Continue reading

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