Where We Are, in 30 Seconds!- (Glacier National Park)

We spent 4 days in Glacier National Park in Montana, hiking a total of 35 miles. The park was absolutely incredible, full of pristine glacial lakes, rivers and waterfalls and a plethora of flora and fauna including a grizzly bear (slightly too near our campsite for our comfort — luckily a National Park employee was … Continue reading

VIDEO: Melting glaciers, Disappearing water

From Huaraz (about 3,200 m about sea level), we took a two hour bus ride into the national park of the Cordilleras Blancas, parking at the base of the peak and then trekking 45 minutes up to the mountain top that is the home of the Pastorouri Glacier, at 5,400 m above sea level! Glaciers … Continue reading

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