A Community Endeavor, Part 2

Our across-the-street neighbors are making the world a better place, one coffee at a time.

Every morning, rain or shine, weekday or weekend, there is fresh coffee available, free of charge to anyone who happens to walk down our street.

And I don’t just mean there is a pot of coffee sitting on their front porch.  There are TWO carafes of coffee, a carafe of hot water for tea, vanilla and hazelnut syrups (both regular and sugar-free) and a small pitcher of creamer.  There is tea.  There are to-go cups and ceramic mugs, if you care to enjoy your coffee while sitting at their picnic table (always beautiful adorned with a flower vase).  There are biscuits for your dog.


It’s fun to watch a new person walk by, stop, take a few steps back, stare at the table in wonder.  It is fun to see the expression on their face when you tell them that it is FREE and that they can help themselves.

Every single day it makes me happy to stop there, sniff the flowers and fill my mug.  And if we’re lucky, there are a group of neighbors there, standing around and talking, inviting us to join the conversation. A wonderful lesson in community outreach and community-building.  A lesson I am thankful to learn!

3 Responses to “A Community Endeavor, Part 2”
  1. okiave says:

    It is fascinating to see how environments of sharing beging to
    become synonymous with community.

    Subscribed and excited to follow both of your adventures.

  2. Ann Ives says:

    I am so going to do that in my next home if I am in a neighborhood!! We have a man on Lakes road who set up a “Free” veggie table at the end of his driveway…….Maggie and I have fun on our morning walks seeing what he has put out for the day and what is left on our return trip. I myself have enjoyed some wonderful summer squash…….it’s a nice thing!!!!

  3. Maxwell Marquart says:

    I can taste the coffee from across the continent, you do such a terrific job with describing it. Have a great time!

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