Masks and Music – (New Orleans, LA)

Entering New Orleans reminded us yet again that this country still has a ways to go; that there is room for improvement in infrastructure, planning, and social welfare. Boarded-up houses, over-run yards, and flood damage are still easily visible driving in, around and out of the city, and the quality of neighborhoods change rapidly as … Continue reading

AUDIO: Sound Clips from the Road Trip

We hadn’t been listening to the radio at all, barely using the iPod, mostly just spending our time talking, catching up after 3 months apart. But this morning, we by chance decided to scan the airwaves, and happened upon the most wonderful French language program. We listened to it until it finished and then continued … Continue reading

Audio Snapshot 5:50AM

Santa Rosa de Dinamarca is waking up or is already awake. The cricket like creatures and tree frogs continue their song unaffect by the growing day light. It is a dull blue gray in our mosquitera. I can still hear the squeeks of what may be a rat, but we are unsure or its true … Continue reading

Audio Snapshot @ 12pm

Right now I hear:-a flute playting calming, peaceful, sweet music-a child laughing-a dog scratch scratch scratching-at least seven different birds (sidenote: there are even many birds who call all night long)-RadioSuper, mi SUPER radio playing a peruvian radio station-hammocks creaking as they slowly swing on the porch in the shade-footsteps on the dirt road that … Continue reading

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