End of the semester

My classes are coming to an end. I have two finals left to take, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and I am basically spending all weekend doing nothing but studying!! I don´t mind though… I used the same approach for my midterms and ended up with A´s on both! WOOHOO!!

Overall, classes were good. I enjoyed my teachers with their different personalities. Axiology classes were always interesting since the teacher seemed to be a genius, with an endless store of knowledge. We never knew what kind of example we would get… American PopCulture, European Politics, History of Peru, Etimologies stemming back to Greek and Latin (both of which he has a fluent command. I want to learn ancient Greek now!) Philosophy of Education classes were taught with an emphasis of teaching how to be a good person, and the professor himself set a very good example. He had such a kind, open teaching style that I often couldn´t help but smile and feel connected to the world during his classes.

The most interesting thing that I have taken away from my classes is the emphasis that is placed on the family as the basis of all education. To me, it was very interesting to see that in a class directed at forming teachers, we spoke of the importance of education beginning with the family and actually needing the family in order for a child to be well-formed and able to learn.

In the US, I became accustomed to classes dealing with theory and investigation, and here they seemed to rather look down upon such a focus, stating that the most important part of pedagogy is the practice of it and the most important part is not to teach students facts/make them smarter by what I would call US standards, but rather to “help them to grow” so that they may become an integral part of the moral society that we are striving for.

Interesting, no?

One Response to “End of the semester”
  1. hey natali!i think that is a great concept to carry with you as a teacher. the education begins with the family, absolutely! i think that a good foundation would be teaching the meanings of basic words, and then applying them; friendship, kindness, and other important topics.last night i just happened to run into an english teacher working here in berlin. she was encouraging me to try out teaching english in japan. pretty crazy, right?thanks for your encouragement on my blog, it’s really kept me going!max

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