Finding Fall: Colorado in Pictures

Fall is my favorite season. After a month in the warm, dry heat of the southwest I began to feel a longing for the brisk air and cool scent of drying leaves; the pumpkin and apple-flavored everythings; the wait for first snow. I missed New England, sweaters, wooly socks, and colorful foliage.

I knew I couldn’t have it just yet, but we could get pretty close. We just had to get higher. We needed to climb mountain passes. We needed to find Fall.

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I haven’t yet shared my pictures from our trip save a few blog images, but I couldn’t wait to share a few from our week in Colorado.                Enjoy.

On our way up into the hills outside of Durango


A Rush of Yellow Nearly Escapes my Lens...


Climbing higher still, we found the folksy, sleepy mountain town of Silverton @ more than 9,000 ft.

The Main Street of Silverton on a weekday morning. Outside Temp: 40 Degrees. 🙂

Higher still, we found Oray nestled between the mountains. Fall was on its way out here, and so we descended toward Boulder.

Leafless trees and SNOW outside of Oray

In Boulder we finally found what we had been looking for. Cozy, cool, and full of community. Our friend Alice brought us to a communal tree-swing one afternoon after tea.

Natalie, in mid swing, on a cozy side street in Boulder

Some people see fall for its death and decomposition, it’s cold mornings, and the end of summer fun. For me Fall is a reminder that change is always upon us, and that beauty and solace can be found in the simple changing of leaves.

Aspen aglow outside of Denver.

2 Responses to “Finding Fall: Colorado in Pictures”
  1. Dawn says:

    Hey, guys! I am so thrilled to be sharing some time with you here in the Asheville area! So great to meet you and I look forward to following your adventures here on the blog. The photos of CO make me miss the “real” mountains out west. I’ve lived in Boulder and Ouray (check your spelling) and loved them both. Happy trails!

  2. jon says:

    great pics chris!!! sounds like you are having a great journey…..Boulder is quite a gem of a town

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