The Groove (On the Road Again)

We spent almost a week living at my aunt’s house (with our own bedroom and bathroom – what luxury!) and a full week in SF (with a comfy couch and uber-welcoming “roommates”).  However, after such a long jaunt of comfort, we were more than ready to be back out in our car, with no one but ourselves to worry about, the thrill of the open road calling our names, and soothing our everlasting wanderlust.

I really was surprised by how happy I was to know we would be living out of the car, spending each night in a new location, cooking simple, yet wholesome meals at picnic tables, rest areas, on the side of whatever road we happen to be driving when hunger strikes.

After two months of living on the road, I feel like we finally hit our stride and became one with our travels, so to speak.  A testament to our ability as humans to adapt to changing conditions.  I actually feel sad to know that our voyage has only two months left to it since I feel like we are finally learning to travel well in the US and there is SO much more US to discover.

If I had to pass on the wisdom we’ve learned thus far in our journeys, I would say:

  • rip up any schedule
  • seize every opportunity (because once you pass it by, it’s painful to consider turning around)
  • think fast, and make informed decisions even faster (especially when traveling at 60 mph)
  • eat well and creatively for cheap (we do it for a mere $5/day per person!)
  • live in the moment while still maintaining some foresight
  • be able to adapt (mentally and physically because life changes every day, from city to backcountry, to anywhere in between)
  • gracefully accept when a plan isn’t working and roll with whatever lesson is heading your way
  • set aside time each day to read, study, write, and reflect
  • remember to smile at all the people you see
  • always love the person you are traveling with
2 Responses to “The Groove (On the Road Again)”
  1. Ann Ives says:

    beautiful and sweet……….just like you!!

  2. Alex Shore says:

    Awesome and soulful post Natalie! Derek and I are in agreement – your blog really is a haven for vicariously appeasing one’s own wanderlust… 🙂

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