A Photo Album to Remind Me

It’s interesting how this trip has become as much an exploration of family as it has been an exploration of the country.  I suppose, considering that both of our families are widely dispersed throughout, this should come as no shock; however, I find myself pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to connect with so many loved ones along the way.

For me, reconnecting generally leads to reminiscing, and now, more than ever, I feel so blessed for my wonderful (and plentiful) family members who have played a role in so many of my fondest memories, and incidentally, have actually helped to raise me.

How many memories I have at my Auntie and Grampy’s house with all of my aunts and uncles there, at the NH cottage in the summer with all of my cousins, and the houses and apartments of all my aunts and uncles throughout the years, of the pets, and the games, and the birthday cakes smushed in my face, blackberries in the yard, blueberries on the island, and my Grampy’s green work truck, a parked playground of sorts, the bright and gaudy wallpaper in the kitchen screaming of a different era, the wrought iron fence on the porch, the colorful alphabet-mat rug in the basement, searching for deer in the back forest.  All the different places mix together and meld, and the only important thing becomes that these are all places and times I felt safe and loved, a star child, a dreamer, an actress, where people paid me attention and entertained my curiosity – a blessed childhood that I never fully realized until just now, flipping though the photo albums of my aunt, that have meticulously documented the good old days of both of our youths, come to think of it.

I think these must have been the golden years of our family, with most of my aunts and uncles living in the same state, everyone having babies at the same time, then all the cousins running around together.

I hope someday my own children will be equally as blessed with plentiful family, but I must admit I do have my doubts about the family situation of future generations.  Now, living in a huge country, well-connected by highways and airways, in a time where people have really discovered their ability to move freely throughout the 3,790,000 square miles of land, and with the current state of the economy that actually oftentimes requires relocation.  What does this mean for the new American family? For my children and their cousins?  What does it mean for their stories and their histories and for who they will become?


Visiting Macey at school, a surprise family reunion in UT



One Response to “A Photo Album to Remind Me”
  1. Ann Ives says:

    Interesting thoughts! I believe you make your family and your memories where-ever you are. Sometimes they are with blood relatives and sometimes they are with friends who become your family! Where ever you are , your children will be blessed, because they will have a mom who cares enough to ponder these types of thoughts!!!

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