The Joys of Traveling

Day 2 of the road trip and we’re already behind schedule.

Despite the joys of planning and re-planning our trip for months, determining the must-see places and the best possible driving routes, the REAL joy is the actual traveling… and allowing that traveling to take us when and where it will.  It can also be the real challenge – to be open to discovering all the places along the way that are asking to be seen and explored, to be flexible and to not compromise the voyage for the schedule.  I would say we are off to a good start.

We didn’t make it to Valdez as planned for our first night, but instead discovered a cute lodge with a sign out front that read “Free tenting” (!) complete with “outhouses” with flush toilets and running water (!!)  It was grand.  We also had the good fortune of befriending the cutest black dog as we prepared our breakfast and packed our tent before heading onwards to Valdez.

On the way to Valdez, we discovered a glacier that we didn’t even know existed.  We were able to hike all the way to it and actully touch it (!!!)

Valdez was just as beautiful as I remembered and it was fun to share it with Chris — We were lucky enough to be in time for the salmonberries and enjoyed munching on some while we hiked.  Then, while bopping around downtown Valdez, enjoying the sun, we contemplated our Anchorage host’s last words to us re: our trip: “Wrangle-St. Elias Park isn’t that accessible.  Consider getting down to southeast.”

It is true that in all our Alaska travel , we had yet to make it down to the southeastern part of the state, one of the few regions we hadn’t seen (along with the North Slope and the Aleutian Islands).  It was also true that we had a friend living in Juneau, capital of the state and the largest city of the southeast region.

After researching the ferry, consulting a road map, and being offered both a place to stay AND a free whale watch, the decision was made.  By the end of day 2 of the road trip, we were not only behind schedule, we had decided to change the schedule entirely.  This is one of my favorite parts about traveling, and I am happy to have a travel partner that is as free-spirited as I.  I’m also super-excited for this opportunity to see yet another part of this state – Juneau, here we come!

One Response to “The Joys of Traveling”
  1. Shiz says:

    Haha.. cool photo Chris. Falling into the glacial crevices again are we? And that shnozberry looks like it tastes like…shnozberry!

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