“Mooo…ssss” (British Columbia, Part 2)


Back on highway 37, Natalie is giving me a saltine cracker topped with congealed jumbalaya from yesterday.  It was far more delicious than its physical truth details.  …A moose, and baby run, or rather trot out of the bushes right at the car.  – I can’t remember if it had antlers… Natalie and I recall different head gear … I slam on the breaks and grab my SLR for some zoom-up moose face action.  I throw it in gear and start to reverse as I see a car coming otward me.

I flash my highs rapidly…
It’s a yell of a warning in a car-speak, destinctly differnt from the more obnoxious, purposeful anoyance of the car horn yell, …not to be confused with the ‘toot-toot‘ greeting or goodbye (the ‘Aloha’ of car-speak, you might say) or the short ‘beep!‘ (an audible nudge, denoting the forthcoming physical equivalence, should you not notice the green arrow over your head soon enough) or the ‘Beeeeep Beeeep…” “Hey”, usually follwed by machismo whistling (the translingual, car/human exclaimation, oddly articulate, yet disgustingly unevolved, brainless cultural-pariah of a tradition.)

Anyway about it, I blinked my lights.

They smiled and I saw the driver mouth ‘Mooo…ssss’ to his co-pilot.  The two moose then run across the street and out of sight.  I inched backword….. northing.   The SLR went solemnly back on the luggage pile in the backseat, probably more disappointed than I, and we drove on.

It’s been a great day.  Great food, bears…

(one more blackie after the moose – total of three!)  (is it ok to call a black bear a blackie?  Is that bear-racial insensitive?  Seriously those things are totally concious, why couldn’t it be?  Humans naming them alone might be rude…fuck.)

…Anyways, bears, moose, clear skies, mountains, Sigur Rós on the stereo… But all things change… I’m not sure if this is supportive of the quote, unquote, “type” of day it is, but we are now stuck in Iskut, only a few mere hours north of our starting point this morning.  A car crashed a few miles up and the word on the street (literally we talked on the street about this) is that we might be here for up to 7 hours.  That’s past midnight…  …It looks as though two people may have died, and they are waiting to “clear the debris” as unsensitive as that sounds…  So we are just sitting here in the Jetta.  But in all honesty, by now, we are getting pretty good at being in a car together.


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