Ontario – Day 2 thru Day 5

Ontario is huge! We drove for four days through the province and it seemed like it would never end.

Our first stop was in Toronto, the largest city in Canada with over 5 million inhabitants, and the provincial capital. It’s motto is apparently “Diversity our strength” and I must say it lived up to this adage. The city had so many different cultural neighborhoods, and so many interesting people walking up and down the streets.

Our favorite neighborhoods were probably China Town (with its delicious bakeries), Kennsington (with its organic shops and hippie feel), and of course Naomi and Craig’s neighborhood (where we spent the night sleeping in a tent on a bed of oregano grass – Thank you!!)

(China Town)

The next day we were off bright and early, a quick drive through the university where Naomi and Craig teach (which looked great, right in the center of the city) and a goodbye to the city. In retrospect, it was my favorite city we visited on our road trip and the one place where I would really really love to spend more time (maybe even live) in.

Day Three was full of cute towns that we miraculously managed to randomly stop in along the way. We were just getting into the groove of road tripping – This was the first day I really felt the road trip begin.

(Cute town pit stop – Massey)

I must admit that the reality of the road trip hit me when, stopped for lunch (avocado and bean dip spread on seaweed rice cakes with a side of garden tomato, yumm) at a tower that allowed us to look out over a bay of Lake Ontario in a super cute little town called Parry Sound, we opened up all the AAA maps (4 in total, front and back). I totally freaked out at the thought of trying to cover the distance proposed in only 9 more days. It was absolutely daunting! Until this point, I don’t think my mind really comprehended that we would be driving 5,000 miles (8,000 kilometers!) in the next week and a half.

Luckily, with a quick (read: 3 hour) stop at a local Starbucks (unfortunately, I must admit that we frequented Starbucks on this trip, omnipresent and certain to have good coffee and internet access [sorry, Tim Hortons (c), you didn’t do the trick]), we were able to look up estimated times between cities. This was the first moment that we ever really planned our road trip, 3 days into it. With a rough sketch of cities/towns/campsites that we could make it to each day, we were off, windows down, sweating, enjoying Ontario again.


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