AUDIO: Sound Clips from the Road Trip

We hadn’t been listening to the radio at all, barely using the iPod, mostly just spending our time talking, catching up after 3 months apart. But this morning, we by chance decided to scan the airwaves, and happened upon the most wonderful French language program. We listened to it until it finished and then continued listening to the station until the signal faded away – a few minutes later. (truckers swear by satellite radio for this reason)

French, alongside English, are the official languages of Canada, and as such, French is required on all packaging of products in the grocery store, all road signs, and there were several French radio stations. I was expecting it to fade as we drove further from Quebec, the predominantly French-speaking province, but there were still signs everywhere in French reaching even into the Yukon.

Below are my favorite songs of the day, starting with a slightly pop song, and moving into a more classical piece.

Erik Satie (17 May 1866 – Paris, 1 July 1925)- a French composer and pianist (-wikipedia)


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