I’ve Left

I left.

I’m not sure if it is for good, but probably.

While the farm provided a simplicity and calm, not unmeditative, not untranquil, It left me in the bitter and unfortunate situation of having zero time/energy/motivation to complete my academic commitments. Namely, finishing my master’s program by getting a practicum this fall.

I find I have no time.  So I have left the farm. I am now in a tent in New Hampshire.  And spending my depressingly sparse yet ‘busy’ days in cafes drinking espresso and applying for positions.

Originally it was my intention to gain practical experience with dirt, food, people, and the intersections of the three as preparation for a practicum and insofar as an addition of a third, somewhat unexpected, but completely relevant fourth variable: a City.

Urban Agriculture – the missing step in making the polis sustainable.

What can you get in the city?  Everything? Yup.

Can you make everything in a city?  No?  LIES!  You totally can, but we don’t!

Computers? Sure. Healthcare? Sure.  Food?  …this one is apparently tricky.  There is ample room, (roof tops, old vacant lots, window boxes, etc.), yet the very thing necessary to power the people to do all of the other great innovative and culturally beautiful things, is imported from the countryside… most of the time.

And you might think, “But Chris, you just lived in the beautiful backcountry, and you loved it, and it’s so great, why are you wanting to grow food in cities?  What about the farmers?”  I don’t know, tell them to move?  I don’t have a great answer for that.  However, you can recognize the problem in the fact that the ‘backcountry’ is actually forested lands and natural meadows that have been leveled into fields of corn, wheat, and soy.  The City is the epicenter of humanity as a divergence from the natural path, insofar as its compatibility with those other species which still subscribe to physical evolution, instinct, and survival based in large part on the niche ecosystems around them.  In short, we humans make a mess in our development, and we might as well keep the mess in one place and let those whose style is cramped by our mess, be left alone.  It’s like the smoking ban in the US.  Sure you can smoke, it’s a free country, but in pure libertarian fashion, your free as long as your freedom doesn’t infringe on the freedom of others.  That’s a no no.  SO – since we can’t play nice, lets keep it all in our little city islands.  And if we are going to do that, then we need food to be grown there.  And more or less we know how to do that, but need a few more people to jump on board… and I had planned on that.

But our economy has plans for me to do nothing….. sooooo….


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