A Simple Evening

It was cooler last night.  After work I made dinner for the first time.  You see we all make dinner, supposedly, once a week for all the other people living in the house.  (Livy, Mary, Phil, Richard, and I).  I passed my first week because it was a short one, and I was new.  This week I had it planned.  Massaged Kale Salad and Lemon-Pepper Rice.  …Everyone left. Save Phil, who said “I’ll eat what you make,” with a smile.

We talked about living where you work.  I mentioned that Anatoll, an interesting man, half blue collar carpenter, half old-world Mediterranean European, would be building a tent platform down by the river.  “I’d like to get out there to camp some of the summer, and it would be great for WWOOFers later on,” I said.  We made what seemed like well-intentioned but forced conversation and he ate seconds which, despite my bland opinion of my evening’s creation, made me feel happy.

As Phil cleaned the dishes, (part of the deal – the cook doesn’t clean, which I don’t really think makes a ton of sense to be honest…) I went upstairs and showered.  The sun was starting to set, and from the skylight on the sloped wall-ceiling in the bathroom you could see a bit of “Lower  B,” one of Jen’s fields.  It was beautiful.

I put on my jeans, grey t-shirt, and my green button-down whose sleeves strangely keep shirting upwards even though the rest of the shirt stays the same.  Maybe my arms are growing.  I wear this outfit every evening for at least a week now, for it doesn’t get dirty as I am usually only up for an hour or two after my shower before I pass out.  I grabbed my camera and decided to head out to take pictures.

The sunset was just beginning.  It’s not a real ‘start and finish’ type of event if you think about it, the sun is ‘rising’ and ‘setting’ all day, and it’s completely relative to our location, yet I felt that the mood had changed distinctively, and I headed out toward Sebago Lake, about 25 minutes from the farm, east on route 25, then north on 35.

There is this one spot I noticed the other day, on an exploratory journey to North Windham, the nearest town with chains and franchises, where, just a ways down 35 the road makes a bend and you begin to hug the south coast of the lake.  No more than two miles down the road comes particularly close to the shore, perched above what appears to be a newly constructed ‘hill’, probably 40 feet above the water’s edge.  The trees end, and for a brief driving moment you get a view straight up the lake all the way up to the north shore, with the the silhouettes of of the Appalacian foothills faded by an air that has been thickened by distance.  Normally you have perhaps 2 seconds, this time I stopped and walked to the retaining fence.

Heading in the opposite direction home, a harvest moon, augmented by the euphoria of the sunset, appeared so big, I felt a breathlessness; an almost panic, that a moon that size has defied its orbit and should surely collide with our fragile home if my eyes were to be averted.  I pulled over and watched it rise higher in the sky and shrink into a smaller, more brilliant version of itself…

I returned to fireflies drawing circles in the backyard’s calm air, and sat for a moment before sharing my evenings pleasures with Natalie, via my — in retrospect — extremely out of place iphone.

One Response to “A Simple Evening”
  1. i would have eaten your massaged kale.

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