The Last Leg…s CT-CT-MA-NH-ME-NH-MA

I left that very same day.  The very same day that I wrote that post.  The post below this one.

The drive to Pawtucket seemed short.  Rightly so compared to the 7 and 8 hour sections of previous days.  I arrived at Cailin’s at 7:00pm, exactly.  I told her I’d be there then, and I called her at 7:01.  I met her sister in a breif tour of her loft-style apartment.  If I hadn’t just seen Noel’s I’d say she would have won the best apartment award, but now it’s a toss up.  25 foot ceilings overlooking a river in an old bowling alley / mill is hard to beat…

Thai food was good.  I had Pad Thai.  …I usually do – I sprang for seafood though.  Not because I had had a particular craving for the fishes, but more for the reason that when a menu item lists a food as the “seafood” version, like Seafood Fra Diavolo, or especially Seafood Chowder, it means there is white fish or haddock or cod or some other mystical bottom feeder creature I can’t consume.  Allergy.

…And so I ordered Pad Thai with Seafood, with shrimp, scallop, mussel, and squid. (a selection from the short list of edible sea creatures in the Chris: Book of Consumption, Vol. 2 – Ability, Verse 6 – “Thou shalt only eat thy creatures that are shellfish, mollusk, or Tuna and Swordfish (for some reason), or else thou shall feel the pains of Mordor in thyne gut.”)

We had great conversation.  I think she’s one of those people who ‘get’s’ when it comes to existence.  Not like she is clarvoient or completely compassionate or enlightened, or empathic, or telepathic, or heliopathic… no.  I mean she rather normal in her who existence, but there is just certain something that some people have that make you think that they are living just a little more in some describable way.  So that’s Cailin.  Old friend from back in the day…. 2007.. way back….

I left ’round midnight after a coffee and headed north to Waltham.  My sister informed me that she would be sleeping in the next morning after what sounded like a fun night as she yelled over the stereo and no less than 10 loud conversations within a few feet of her flashy, flippity, phone, that in spite of the time and attention I’ve seen her pay to it, it was rather hard to get a hold of her…

I debated a straight shoot to NH but was glad to allow myself a solid four hours before sunrise to sleep.  The next morning I made homefries.  Then I drove to Dover, and then to Ogunquit, ME after a needed carwash and oatmeal peanut chocolate bar from the bakery next to the car wash….

It was mostly closed, but we saw a few artsy shops and then indulged in the smartly non-seasonal chocolate artisan shop.  We then headed back and concocted a masterpiece of a tapanade for a jazz and bread party at a friends.  The jazz, the bread, and our tapanade was a hit.

I spoke to someone  for a long time about why we haven’t (we meaning white people) evoloved away from others (meaning asians, blacks, and hispanics, etc)  If horses and donkeys can mate to produce an infertile mule, why can asians and blacks mate without negative repercussion?  He stated that, here in the US you see all kinds of people, and so people are mating with the different races and slowing or preventing the natural selection and segregation of species…  I explained tipsily that he was mistaken, while horses and donkeys are different species, Asians and Whites are not.  I explained that there is nearly no genetic variability between humans, and reminded him that we are Humans.  All of us.

He didn’t mean to be ignorant, genuinely. I think that says a lot about our country though, I doubt he’s a rarity.  I stayed the night and the next in NH and watched copius TNG season 5.  If you don’t know what that means, then there is a wall in our relationship, and you do not truly understand me…  simply put.

I made it to waltham for an apointment a little early this morning from Dover.  I got a corn muffin and a coffee.  The coffee was too hot to drink during my muffin consumption… 


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