CT to DC and back again…


5:30am – I leave CT for my 5-6 hour drive to DC.  I have a meeting with UNEP at 1:30 in downtown DC.

It was cold and blue.  The snow coated the trees with a strange uniformity – every branch was surrounded and accentuated – as if the clouds were filled with a fine white flour and it had burst during the night, monochroming the land in pristine turquoise.

I was already in my suit.  Ironed. I had my coffee, a bagel, a juice, and 3/4 a tank of gas. (the diesel station’s pump was slow in the cold morning and I had given up.)

The sky brightened and the beige-yellow warmth of a rising sun reflected softly on the snow.

As I entered New York State and came through the city I was stuck in traffic momentarily, behind an early morning accident where a trailer-truck had mistakenly taken the Hutchingson River Parkway, which has a height restriction of 15 feet.  A stone bridge tore trailer in half.

I managed to get through the city just as rush hour traffic began.  I crossed the George Washington Bridge (left), a noticed the snowy cliffs rising from the grey river.  The GPS confused me just after this picture, and I got on the New Jersey Turnpike by mistake….

New York City Skyline from the GW Bridge
I was behind on time from the traffic and the mishap.  I estimated that if I drove at “left lane” speeds for the remainder of the trip I should get to DC by 12:30, leaving me enough time to leave my car at my friend Noel’s house and take the bus into town…  I was unsuccessful.
Because of continued GPS mishaps I found myself at the pentagon at 1:15, five miles from the UNEP building.  I re-entered the address into my GPS and raced back onto the highway.  I couldn’t help but feel like a secret agent racing down the streets of DC in my suit and aviator sunglasses. I imagined I had an mission of the utmost importance and had to make it to the UNEP headquarters to mitigate some terrible plot from unfolding.  I arrived at the building at 1:25, across from me was parking garage, I pulled in, grabbed my bag and handed the attendant my keys (vallet I hoped…)  I ran down the street and entered the building.  The women behind the desk told me to go to the 5th floor, I remember the elevator seeming to be faster than normal – I was pleased.  I opened the door at 1:30 and sat down.
Meetings were boring in all honesty, and I felt a continued feeling of belittlement from many of the presenters.  “Student” and “Grad Student” have vastly different meanings in terms of maturity, understanding, and future prospect especially.  Apparently they did not think we were serious enough to get any more information than their website’s “about us” could have told me. 
Meeting with Noel was the highlight as I had not seen her in some time.  She made me a maple-curry tempeh dinner and gave me a spot on the couch to sleep for the night.  Her apartment was a brick home with paneled walls, hardwood floors, and uncommon lines.  It had both intriguing character and homey warmth.  I loved it.
We got breakfast the next morning and I felt even more like a Suit.  A tool.  I love dressing up but I continue to doubt my ability to be someone important with the ability to interact with this world or power breakfasts, commutes, and borning meetins, smoozing, etc.  The night before we (80-100 MA candidates) met for an alumni event to network and talk with people in the field from our program.  There were no less than 5 Alumni, … no more than 10.  I almost wanted to say “told you so”, but I don’t know why.
My car is getting dirty…
…I toured DC and drove through a park with tunnels and bridges before heading out at rush hour… 

 …Time to leave on my return trip.  I decided to go through Delaware, I thought it would be fun…
…The traffic started quickly.  I had to get to route 50.  I was stuck in grid-lock for only about 30 minutes, but unfortunately went over the Bay Bridge (VERY long and probably was VERY pretty) just after dark – so I saw nothing.  Traffic stopped right after the bridge and Rt. 301 from Maryland to Delaware was non-existent.

Although dark, I managed to grab a shot of the towers of the Delaware memorial bridge as I began my treacherous return through the i95 path through NYC.  I have no pictures from there because, frankly, it was white knuckle driving the entire time.  Not that there was traffic but that the roads were in horrible conditions, and slithered like a snake between the buildings and overpasses of the city.  More than one fender bender inhabited the “break down” lane which was really just the right lane of a two lane highway.  The occasional swerve into the right lane with no time to check for passing traffic was death-defying, but defying all the same, as I am here in CT writing this now.  Over all it was a fun section of the road trip if nothing else.  I got to see my friend, and do a bit of site seeing.  And perhaps more importantly I practiced my skills at quick thinking and realized my true displeasure with GPS.  A neat technology, but for those of you who knew I was looking to get a GPS before this trip, the answer is “no I will no longer be perusing this purchase. 

Off to Pawtucket CT tonight for dinner with my friend Cailin and then up to Waltham for the night, and NH and breakfast with my sister the day after.  
*Oh yea – Stopping in NY didn’t work out… no time… will reschedule.

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