NE RoadTrip – Halfway Point

It is Tuesday evening and tomorrow I am off to Washington, DC …early.  5am departure from my hometown of Bethlehem, CT.  The ride should be around 6 hours with expected traffic – hopefully leaving me some prep time before my 1:30pm meeting with the United Nations Environment Programme.  – So that is now, and this is what was:

My trip started on friday the 12th from Waltham.  I picked up my friend Alex’s cousin Greg at the commuter rail stop and headed north to Derry, NH for band practice. We practice in a storage facility down the street from the drummer, and my long-time friend Dan Bob’s house.  It’s noisey in the tin box, and we have to be out by ten for mysterious shut down/lock-up rituals by the owners.  SO- Greg missing his train left us trying to leave Boston in rush hour.  This unfortunate reality was fully realized when I was rear-ended by another driver…. who was rear-ended.  Luckily, my later stage in the collision meant the sparing of my precious V-Dubs bumper.  No harm down save a scratch… so we were off.

The weekend was fun and relaxed for all intensive purposes and Natalie and I completed our beeswax candle making adventure as planned and had some time for conversation and a stroll about Portsmouth.  Dinners we oriented around soup (her’s and mine – homemade)  …mine lost the challenge for eat-ability – too spicy.  I was also able to re-affirm my hatred of Wal-mart.  We stopped in (the 4 time I have ever been in one in my life) to check out an “eco-friendly” luggage, which they turn out no to carry after all.  A good thing too, since the ENTIRE store smelt of pre-school post-cleanup-with-a-cheap-walmart-brand-cleanser VOMIT.  Lucky I had my scarf to protect my gentile and youthful lungs – poor Natalie’s turtle-neck sweater was not as helpful.  We left with a greateful gasp of chilly New Hampshire air.

Vermont:  In short, it was fun.  Seeing my sister in her college environment was interesting and not as awkward as I may have negatively expected at first.  We ate at some good restaurants (Sweetwaters, Sadie’s Diner, and Magnolia’s) and visite the near-by town of Stowe – home of Ben and Jerry’s.  The ride home was long… long… long… and snowy.  See below for a timeline from VT-MA-CT.  I left at 12 noon, arrived in CT at 7:30.

 *Each picture save the last was taken at 20 minute intervals.  The last was taken at 6pm in CT on a back-road with 3 inches of snow on the road.

Now off to DC – Good luck to me.


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