Back to the Blog : New England Road Trip

Welcome back to anyone who sees this.

I’ve been strangely inspired. Inspired to write more.  Inspired to speak with my fingers instead of my mouth.  I am attending graduate school at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University, and frankly I’m a little exhausted, in a few ways.  I began a new blog yesterday:  Under Thunder and Gale where I will post on three of my favorite topics (besides traveling), Social Theory, Ontology, and Sustainability.  Getting back into the Blogspot (pun intented), aroused a nostalgia for the good ol’ migrant mind blogger.  So here we are.

I’m off to DC.  This is what prompted my post – my mini New England Road Trip.  It is as follows, and I will post along my way – or try to at least.
12 Feb – Boston, MA to Derry, NH  – Band Practice
12 Feb – Derry, NH to Dover, NH – Visit Natalie
14 Feb – Dover, NH to Burlington, VT – Visit Julie (my sister)
16 Feb – Burlington, VT to Bethlehem, CT – Visit Family
17 Feb – Bethlehem, CT to Washington DC – Meet with NGOs and Institutes with Classmates
18 or 19 Feb – Washington DC  to New York City, NY – Meet with Anthony (roomate from London) about making a Documentary on Renewable Energy (see new blog)
19 Feb – New York City, NY to Bethlehem, CT – Pit Stop
19 Feb – Bethlehem, CT to Mystic, CT or Newport, RI – Meet with my friend Cailin WEBSITE
19 Feb – Mystic, CT or Newport, RI to Boston, MA – SLEEP!
20 Feb – Boston, MA to Portsmouth, NH – Concert with Natalie
21 Feb – Portsmouth, NH to Boston, MA



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