Oh no she di´n´t

We just witnessed a fight in the plaza as we walked out of the Municipality building after another unsuccessful attempt at meeting with the mayor to propose our River Clean Up project.

Walking through the plaza we noticed lots of commotion and women running through the grassy area that is fenced in and usually off limits. Escorted by a police officer, one side of the fight fled across the street and into a nearby building, pursued by the other woman. Shortly after, a shouting match ensued. It looked like something out of Jerry Springer.

The most interesting aspect of the whole ordeal though was the fact that everyone within 30 meters stopped what they were doing and came to crowd around the scene, silent onlookers, some with curious expressions, others amused, others concerned. It´s a phenomenon we´ve noticed in other occasions in Peru: when something is going on, everyone around is interested and it is everyone´s business.


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