Halloween in Piura

Surprisngly enough, Halloween is celebrated in Peru. I hadn´t been expecting it, but about a week before hand, decorations went up. The grocery store even turned an entire (small) room into a (sort-of) haunted house. There were black lights and strobe lights, paper on the walls to make it look like a cave, and then random food items scattered throughout. Also, as with other stores and restaurants, there were huge decorations and balloons hanging from ceilings and on the walls. There was even a costume contest amonge the workers at the grocery store and lots of little kids were dressed up all day long (although I don´t think people trick or treat here). Quite festive really, considering that a couple people we talked to said Halloween was the work of the devil.

We passed a rather quite day, eating fancy chocolate bonbons filled with lúcuma (a quite exotic change from the Smarties and Tootsie Rolls of the past), and then after class we decided to head out to a restaurant we had been eyeing for a while. It turned out to be a good choice. Live music, great food, pretty cheap beer all made for a great experience… that is until the bill came and we didn´t have enough money. How embarrassing! Let it be known that in Peru, if there is live music, there will be a cover charge. They won´t tell you ahead of time though, and you won´t pay at the door. Be prepared to have it tacked onto your check, and hope you have enough money! In the end it was ok though. Since we live only a few minutes down the street, we walked home quick as bunnies and brought back the money we owed, no harm done. And what fun we had anyways!

Below are Chris and I´s Halloween costumes. We felt as though we should do something to commemorate the day. We actually I just cut my toe and Chris bandaged it, making it seem spooky and then in return I costumed him up as well. haha

2 Responses to “Halloween in Piura”
  1. Chris's MOM says:

    Too Cute!The Toe is very scary 😮

  2. Marilu says:

    Hi Chris & Natalie,Great Halloween costumes!We are looking forward to you returning to the States! I think that you will find your home a little different than when you left. The addition of President-Elect Obama has had a unified effect on Americans. I think that you will definitely feel and enjoy the difference!When you return, would you bring me a little something(s)? I would like one of each of the beautiful animals from your beautiful photographs…nothing much just a little remembrance of your trip, that's all! 🙂Anyway, God Speed. Have a wonderful vacation before you return home and we look forward to your return!Love,Marilu

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