Stamp your feet little ones!!

Kids get so much here. It reminds me of…. well, nothing. It is completely new.

The plaza is frequented by cotton candy peddlers, bouncy ball sellers, and a man in a Barney suit hawking Barney-on-a-sticks, which pedal a unicycle when you push them along the ground. (I hope I can manage a photo of these inovations of modern toy making…). These complimented, of course, by the candy/cookie/cigarette sellers with their uncomfortable wood briefcases strapped to their backs by old belts or shoestrings…
Whine, stamp your feet little one; stamp your new spiderman sneakers, demand retribution for finishing your entire mid-morning icecream cone without help. Alert passerbys that your parents are starving your developing mind of unyeilding plastic stimuli necessary to prepare you for today`s market society. Conjure up those magical instantaneous tears, for the sweet twang of lollypop has almost left you, what will your mommy give you next? Tell me little ones, where have you learned to stamp your feet so well? You get all that you desire, every cookie, toy, and treat your selfish heart craves. Why do you yell so loud? How much do you want?

Natali has informed me that she has seen a public service announcement about providing your kids with education and love instead of shit-for-food and mass fabricated minute-pleasuress. Indeed there have been many service announcements you would never see in the US…
(can you decifer the meaning of this?)

Is it because of the new influx of commercial economy in Perú that is responisble? The desire to provide their children with tokens of their familiar success? It is not the same materialism we see in the US, only perhaps in the least. Merely having a car here is The Status Symbol, not haveing Three NEW cars, as one might understand in the US. It is not having a good job, but rather a job at all…

The whining nag of piura is something I shall never forget. It illustrates beautifully, with a unexpected cherry on top, the material determination of Marx as well as the anti-enlightenment of Horkheimer and Adorno`s mid 20th century America.

One Response to “Stamp your feet little ones!!”
  1. Jennifer says:

    very, very interesting…

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