Every day life isn’t always exciting, even abroad

Hello again! I realize it´s been a while since we´ve last posted on our blog, but have no fear we are well and safe in Piura! I guess that we are becoming more and more accustomed to life here in Peru and so we don´t feel like posting blogs about our “mundane” lives! haha …

Well of course, our lives are anything but that, but it is true that after feeling like we are living “everyday” lives here now (classes, trips to the grocery store and all of its delights, eating good food, a movie once a week [or twice .. but they are sooo cheap! only S/. 6pp], walks around the plaza, making friends with the dogs, old people, and hairdressers who paint murals on our block, homework, reading for my master´s project [i have to finish 30 books by may!], washing laundry …by hand!, impromptu yoga in the living room, etc.), I for one, feel less inclined to spend my time at the computer documenting my day. Instead, I´ve been looking up options for the future, planning for what will become of my life when I get home, and also looking up complex philosophical ideas that are presented in class.

So far I´ve found two non-profit orgs that seem worthy of consideration… One gives grants to grad students to work on projects teaching languages or researching indigenous languages in the US. And the other one hires recent graduates to teach at poor schools throughout the US, trying to eliminate the gap between the quality education that rich and poor children receive, in the end giving those children a chance to better their lives in the long run (teachforamerica.org) And then of course there´s always the Peace Corps, an idea that I have been considering since I can´t even remember when, maybe freshman year of college, maybe earlier?… But I think I might hold off on that one .

It´s just that lately, after spending this time out of the country, seeing all of Peru, also having seen most of Spain, and having visited Nicaragua, Portugal, England, Ireland, Italy and Holland, I think I am beginning to have this strong desire to learn more and see more of my own country. I really have never even left the east coast!! I think in the past I had always been drawn to travel for the appeal of new languages and cultures, but in looking up Teach for America, I found many schools in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California where the majority of children speak Spanish as a first language, or in the case of NM, speak a Native American language!! And now I´m beginning to rethink..

So that is some of what I´ve been doing for the past month, but also there have been classes, food, and traveling … all of which will receive some attention on the blog in the next week or so! Espero que les guste! 🙂


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