Peru in a State of Emergency

Check out the BBC Article for the best description I have found of the situation. It is outside of our coastal area, so we, even if we were an indigenous Peruvian, would not be harms way.

Notice the lines in the Article about trade with the US and what the President has in store for the country.

Is this about the Corporations making money, or the end of poverty? Are the good of the coutry worth the destruction of the ecosytems? More so, in order to alleviate poverty… destroy the land of those who are impoverish?? A complicated turn of events, read on, and keep thinking…

One Response to “Peru in a State of Emergency”
  1. Jennifer says:

    Of course it’s part of the plan to alleviate poverty! I’m sure the WTO, World Bank, and the U.S. are just thrilled…not only would we get oil, but these indigenous peoples can now become members of a world state where they’ll just do what the rest of us do…consume! And make the corporations more money.UGH!

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