VIDEO: Our Apartment

Our apartment is a modest little place. Kitchen table, two beds, a bathroom… But no kitchen. Our apartment actually seems like it used to be a garage next to our landlady´s house that has been separated by a thin cardboard-like wall, and updated with nice paint. So now learning to live in Perú has also become learning to live without a stove or refridgerator. A new interesting challenge!

We are thinking about buying a small fridge (S/.399) and a hot plate (S/.89) in order to store food and cook basic things like veggies, eggs, and maybe even boil water for pasta, but for now we´re taking advantage of all of our no-need-to-refridgerate options and they are still satisfying. Especially because going to the store every day to buy fresh fruit and the amazing assortment of all different types of fresh bread, baked hourly, is so appetizing! Also, going out to eat still proves to be incredibly cheap compared to US prices, and it´s fun! A gourmet meal at our favorite classy restaurant, Capuccino, of chicken breasts served over mashed potatoes and asparagus bathed in sweet mandarin glaze (presentation is everything!) costs about S/.20pp, and a cheap, but super filling meal of Arroz Chaufa “chinese rice” costs S/.10, and we can split it!

Our apartment is located in the neighborhood of Miraflores, a bit upscale, safe, pretty quiet and all of the streets are named after flowers (flores) or trees. Our street is called Los Ficus. There is also The Sunflowers, The Ceders, The Begonias, The Acacias, The Carnations … From our apartment we can easily walk to the centre of th city in about 25 minutes, and my university and the great yoga place that we found right next to it(!) in about 40. So it´s a great location.

All in all, we love our apartment… It feels so nice to have a place to come home to, where our travelling backpacks are entering into a state of disuse, and where we can relax. We bought a broom, a bathmat for our shower, and a big plastic tub so that we can wash our own laundry (by hand), which we then hang on a line throughout our dining/living/pseudo-kitchen room, giving our apartment an even homier, brighter feel (and a wonderful just washed smell!)

And every morning we wake up to the delightful sound of “PAALLTAAS!” and “NEO PAALLTAS!” The latter we don´t understand, but the prior means “avocados” and we have bought a few ripe little ones from the man with the horse voice, riding his peddle powered cart around the streets.

We enjoy the latin american neighborhood feel, and are beginning to make aquaintences. And as of now we have befriended a dalmation named Lucas, who we walk by on the way to the Internet cafe, and a dog we have named Isabella if you talk to Chris or Betsy if you talk to Natali. Strangely enough they are the same name, one in English, one in Spanish…

And so here we are! If we could, we´d invite you over for dinner.. but of course you´re pretty far away, and then there´s the whole problem of no stove for cooking!


2 Responses to “VIDEO: Our Apartment”
  1. Thomas Leonard says:

    Separate beds, how “1950s sitcom.”

  2. heliopath says:

    eww something smellsoh i think its the blogi think its stale. it needs to be refreshed with newness!yours faithfuly

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