VIDEO: Ancient civilization formed by scholars

The Ruins of the Chavín culture, located in the town of Chavín de Huántar, a three hour bus ride over the mountains to the east of Huaraz.

This culture existed beginning around 1000 bCE, with their most successful time ranging from 800-400 bCE. The culture ended around 200 CE. They were known for their ability to peacefully spread their culture (ie-ways of life, technology, artistic ability) to peoples reaching the north of Perú. They didn´t use warfare, simply taught by example… and they were so talented that people wanted to implement their techniques.

What you see of these ruins is the main area above ground where ceremonial rituals took place involving the wise priests as leaders, as well as any people who may have traveled from surrounding areas in search of guidance. The plaza measures 49 m by 49 m, which is no coincidence. We found that the number 7 occurs throughout the rest of the ruins in many interesting ways, such as the 7 ritualistic prayer bowls carved into a big stone piece that were filled with water and used to look at the reflection of the stars in order to predict the future. There are also other measurements, such as the height of the main platform (21 m) from which it is said the priests descended to begin ceremonies. Its interesting to note these patterns with 7 and multiples of 7, especially because today all the measurements are taken in meters, a unit that certainly did not exist when the Chavín were designing this meeting ground. There are water ways conducted underneath the main plaza, and it was built on a grade so that all water would drain into these passages. Also, directly behind the square plaza, where you see piles of stones, there are many underground tunnels and rooms, complete with ventillation.

So impressive to think all this was done 3,000 years ago!


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  1. Cousin Adam says:

    Hey Nat! My dad told me about your trip and the site and I am SO jealous of you guys! What an amazing experience you’re having… traveling through and learning about parts of the world most of us will never see. I can’t believe how intrepid you two are! I’ve been trying to read all of the posts and will continue to do so, living vicariously from my cubicle. I wish you all the best for the rest of your trip (as well as an increase in the dollar’s strength)!

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