Games and connections

Chris has just played a game with Max and Areli for about an hour. A game that involves their porch, their bodies, a hammock (and frequently my unparticpating body and hammock), and a broken zipper, jus the part that you pull on.

It began with the zipper stuck up through the floor boards and cracks in the wall as bait for me and Chris, who enjoying the interaction playinfully joined in the game. Since we´ve been here, we have definitely shared in the most meaningful interactions with the kids in our family. Felix (14) who recites poerty for me, Melvin (12) who is always asking how we are and wanting to practice English and even teach me Shipibo, Areli (8) who is kind and attentive, whisking away mosquitos that try to bite us, peeling us oranges and including us in her neverending games, and Max (6) who even though he is a “travieso” aka one of the biggest attention seeking brats, he still has his moments like when he picked flowers, made a garden on our porch and then proceeded to gift them to me and Chris, arranging them in our hair.

It´s not that we haven´t interacted with other people in the town, it´s just that the kids are always around and they speak the universal language of “play”. So when castellano skills are lacking (as they are with most adults), our games carry us.

And so now the game is roaring with the stick abandoned and the zipper being continually pawned off on someone else, slightly a game of keep away from Areli (who created the game herself), but also a test to see who can conceal it and pass it on to someone else without them knowing.

Every two seconds “Dónde, dónde?”, pointed fingers and accusations at some player, and laughter.


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