Felix´s poems inspired me

Felix is alternating between reading the Bible, singing its verses,
and reciting Castillian poetry in a very dignified tone.
How Peruvian of him.

And on the 25th, in preparing for the Día de Patria, marking 187 years of Peru´s independence,
every Shipibo home in the town of Dinamarca must display the pabellón.
How Peruvian of them.

Hang the flag, or pay the fine of S/.29.

But why, I ask.

Because we are Peruvian.

Yet, they had lived here long before the word Peru existed.
Even avoiding Incan invasion, they lived unharmed.
Until “the mestizos” came, I was told.
Took over the land with their idea of Peru.

“With P for Patria, E de Ejemplo, R de Rifle, and U de la Union”
How very Peruvian of them.


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